mahle diesel engine bearing

MAHLE Engine Components has announced that a lead-free bearing system has been developed by combining highly engineered polymeric coatings with a robust lead-free bearing lining in order to accommodate heavy-duty truck engines. This new system promises to deliver improved performance over the existing bearing linings that include lead.

James George the head of product technology at MAHLE Rugby, U.K. explained that Polymer technology is the preferred medium for light and medium-duty engines under 10 liters in displacement and that the need to adopt new technology is a direct reflection of the changes in bearing operating conditions accompanied by a prevailing market need for alternative solutions. With the newly released low-viscosity engine oils there is now a need for improvements in wear resistance which in turn will help immensely with fuel economy.

Research conducted by MAHLE shows that the polymer-coated bearings offer increased resistance to both wear and fatigue compared to its lead-free electroplated coating counterparts. That’s not all, the polymeric coatings also improves corrosion resistance, allows for extended oil-drain intervals, are environmentally safe and is much easier to dispose of. Industry testing has conclusively shown that polymer-coated bearings deliver monumentally better post-test wear results and as a direct result will significantly lower owner-operator costs. With production on the new bearing system set to begin this summer at the MAHLE facility in Atlantic, Iowa, the first heavy-duty diesel engines with the polymeric lead-free bearings will be introduced during the second half of 2016 along with an additional product development program to be determined at a later date.

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Penn Engineering Brass inserts

Penn Engineering is planning to provide new reliable materials for companies to use. The main goal is to install materials that will not loosen or fall out which Is very important to produce a lot of products. Some of the products include, smart watches and camera fitness bands, headphones, laptops, tablets, readers, gaming and many of handheld devices. The inserts that are planning to be inserted in devices are very small and reliable the insert are as small as M1. These metal threads are reusable, they have a symmetrical shape that accommodates a straight of tapered holes, this leads to the elimination of the need for orientation of the inserts during any installation this makes It very convenient for many companies. It is kind of a one stop shop for many companies since it is in many shapes.

These MSIB inserts are growing and growing each day. Many companies are causing them their plastics can be as thin as 0.7mm most if the scarifications, fastener drawings and models and performance data can be accessed online. Many companies are excited to purchase this because Penn Engineering is known for its reliability and for its precisions. The Company manufacture facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia, which means it is supported nationally and many companies rely on it for the newest most efficient pieces. It is supported by a worldwide network; Penn Engineering has many authorized engineers and representatives.

The fact that these Brass inserts re reusable are making it more environmentally friendly and this can widen the productions and sales of this piece because many companies are trying to branch themselves as environmentally friendly for the purpose of gaining more sales and they actually want to help the environment therefore using and producing these reusable brasses is a really good idea that many companies will take advantage of.

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aerospace fastener market

As of the year 2021 the Aero faster market is estimated to rise a total of 7% and be worth an astonishing 9 billion according to a report by the Market Research Future. These large numbers are due to progression and investments that have been made in the cabin interior products departments and sales. As larger manufacturing corporations become more industrialized, they have begun to venture out and, "moving work space to emerging economic regions like Mexico, Brazil, India, and North Africa, according to Global Aerospace Fasteners Market Information from 2011 to 2021."

Looking to exhaust every avenue for revenue, third party companies have partnered with OEMs to begin MRO stations in the more economic regions. North America continues to be a leading competitor in the market in the in the striving regions. The exchange of currency in different regions is one of the main reasons for the venturing off into different countries other than the headquarters of the original manufacturer or entity. As stated in the Global Fastener News they state that reason for the increase in worth and wide spread of the companies is due to the,

"Commercial aerospace constitute 60% of total aerospace fasteners market, which is expected to be 62% of the overall market in the forecast period, considering the number of in-service aircraft fleets, backlogs, order book, growing retirement, utilization and aftermarket service."

Boeing and Airbus make up a large part of the Aircraft industry and produce such large numbers at a time. To date both Boeing and Airbus have an order book of 12000 aircrafts estimated to delivered till the year 2021 creating the need for that many more aerospace fasteners.  As predicted,” the demand for fasteners will significantly grow in the forecast period."

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taiwans inddustry fastener market

Taiwan’s industry of fasteners are picking their game up in producing higher-end fasteners that can complement the global fastener market and make them one of the world’s most competitive industries. The fastener industries now can make high end fasteners that can be used in all industries from automotive to aviation, to aerospace, to marines, to medical equipment and many other. This is why there has been a gradual increase in the value of fasteners.

The industry has been through continuous growth in the past few years and the market research has shown the increase in profits is correlated to the metal industry. Records show that the most lucrative side of the business is due to the medical equipment development in the past decade. Medical equipment has been in the rise for the past 100 years but in the past decade technology has been on the rise exponentially which is taking the medical industry on a high rise. For example the titanium alloy self-tapping bone screw has been one of the notable products in the fastener industry because it allows the newest electropolshing technology for titanium which improves the brightness and the imaging and cleanness to the screw’s surface and makes sure the color distribution is being even from anodic treatment.

The development of these products puts the industry on a high rise, similarly in the automotive and aerospace industry there is development when it comes to every detail in the fastener industry. Maybe not as much detail is needed in the automotive side as there is in the medical side, but automotive industry has been on such a high production rate that they can’t get especially when it comes to cap screw or hollow set screw.

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skyfit fastener bryce

By thinking outside the box, Bryce Fastener Inc came up with ways that it was more convenient for the industry and for improving security in the industry. Bryce Fastener Inc is a company that is well known in its industry, recently they have announced the production and finalization of their new product. This new product is the most improved fastener yet.

This fastener is a tamper-proof fastener and they named it the “sky fit”. Many people have been waiting for a product like that to be produced. The skyfit has high productivity and it is very secure. It being productive and secure make the installation process much faster. This is beneficial to everyone that uses it but it is highly especially beneficial in places where high security is needed.

The idea of designing and building this skyfit was mainly because, any of the fasteners that are available in the market. These fasteners tend to be of old designs and not as reliable.  They lacked a proper stick-fit fastener. They especially produced this because many people were not satisfied with what is already out on the market. They struggled to find a fit for their specific use.

They mentioned

“Tox-pin, Hex Pin, Snake Eyes, and one way security screws are over 50 years old, they’re not reliable in secure applications because the bit-tips are available to the public”

the motivation was to come up with a piece that is a lot more convenient and more secure. Sky fit had been beneficial for many people whether for individual use or big corporations it is made with no “fumbling, dropping, or re attaching”. This piece is developed and has been improving since production for example. They made the possibility of it being color coated a possibility which even makes it more convenience for use.

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