japanese tennis wheelchairs

President and CEO of NSK Ltd. Toshihiro Uchiyama had the great pleasure of presenting one of the company’s latest innovative bearing. This specific bearing has been customized and designed for greater performance for competitive Tennis Wheelchairs. Recently the Tokyo Institute of technology embraced the new innovative bearing that will used for an enhanced range of motion for the auxiliary caster component. An additional alteration was put into play when the tennis players of the institution requested for the bearings to be of a lightweight design and minimize friction to its lowest possibility.NSK has completed much research in many aspects and areas of bearings on a wheelchair and has discovered that many of the issues they are faced with are quick changeable properties. Gathering information such as

“speed, load, impact, and acceleration/deceleration at actual competitions and practice sessions, used this to determine optimal bearing specifications, and then developed a prototype.”

All the research quickly influenced the design of the latest bearing to be able enhance not only competitive wheelchairs but everyday wheelchairs as well.Prior to the innovative bearing NSK was not known in the market for their agile parts but has sent a message with their latest piece.NSK is known for being Japans first bearing manufacturer in the country and countries industry. They have been in business and reduced the amount of friction loss since Nov 08, 1916. They are a company that is headquartered in Shinagawa, Japan and currently are involved with business worldwide. NSK initial goal is to be able to provide the best possible competitive equipment that is to be reliable, agile and will perform in the best possible at any given time. NSK is well prepared to continue to provide the globe with high technology around the globe.

ASAP Fasteners is one of the leading Bearing Supplier in the industry. Being able to provide you with the exact size and fit for anyone of your bearing needs. All our parts are tested and placed under warranty to ensure our parts 100% of the time. Our parts are to be shipped out of one of our many warehouses in the US to provide you with parts ASAP. We interact with business with some of the leading manufactures in the industry to provide you with the latest and greatest parts the market has to offer. For a better look at our inventory visit our website at www.asap-fasteners.com. To speak to one of our sales representative give us a call at 1-714-705-4780 or email us at purchase@asap-fasteners.com

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Airbus drilling technology for rivet hole

Airbus Group has just announced that they are putting the finishing touches on a brand new ground-breaking fully-automated technology for drilling rivet holes. This new technology accomplishes this by combining a magnetically-levitated drill spindle with a state of the art articulated robot system. This is especially important because during the drilling of rivet holes shards can become lodged in the drill bit flutes damaging it in the process.

This vital component of airplane manufacturing often requires frequent tool changes which cost time as well as costly delays in the manufacturing process. On top of that imperfect precision of semi-automated and manual processes will cause inconsistencies in the hole diameter and further damage the material.

The new Airbus fully-automated electrical vibration driller takes a superimposed oscillation pattern in order to move the drill bit in and out of the material and creates significantly lower temperatures and leads to less reduction in burr formations around the holes with the newly developed spindle fractures being extracted without residue.

All of this produces a processing time of fifty percent shorter for thick titanium packages and less wear and tear on the tool. Airbus is expected to debut the vibrating spindle set at the company’s Bremen facilities in Germany and is hot on the heels of the unveiling of Airbus’ enhanced center wing box design earlier in the month which continues the trend of exciting developments and debuts by Airbus this past year.

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RD24 connector with plastic hex nut

A new style introduced to the electronics market of panel mounted electronics in its category of power solutions. The newly launched RD24 connector with the modified hexagonal nut has greatly reduced the need of mounting screw holes and is the most convenient answer for any application with a thicker panel box. These panel mount connectors are can transfer up to 400 Volts and rated at a maximum current of 16 Amps per contact.

The connectors are equipped with gold plated contacts and should be able to function within harsher environments such as industrial facilities. This alternative is now available in -4 and -7 pin configurations. These power connectors are an exceptional alternative in the several working environments such as communication, industrial and power industries.

Another feature that was added to the newly modified product was the protection cap lanyard which is optional to the end user but will ease connecting it directly to the housing body.

The Binder RD24 product line is now providing a complete solution with the male and female field attachable connectors and cord sets.

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Lug Lugless king engine Bearings

Bearings, rods and Fasteners are some of the most important parts that any manufacturing industry can use, especially when speaking of automotive, aerospace and marine industries. Building an engine can require a thousand parts but what secures and makes sure that this assembly or these parts are being assembled in the right manner are the rods, bearings and fasteners. Fasteners and bearings has been a massive industry for over a century and can’t be any less important than the industry that uses it. Having said that, innovating and making smarter bearings or fasteners can be a huge plus for any industry because it allows the room for improvement and new designs. There are industries that work on making fast and remodeled or re-engineered bearings that can be used by any industry without a very long lead time.

A small modification in a bearing can make all the difference in how the design of an engine can be made for assembly. King Engine Bearings has been producing Engine bearings for over a half century and they know how important a bearing is in the life of an engine, or even in the assembly or dis-assembly of an engine.

Something as simple as a Lug bearing vs. a Lug-less bearing can be of great significance to manufacturers, for example a lug-less bearing can be as efficient as a lugged bearing but it can save cost on material over the long run. A lugged bearing is a small example of how a bearing can be modified to improve some aspect in manufacturing.

ASAP Semiconductor is a global distributor of all kinds of parts that can be used in industrial, manufacturing, repair and assembly plants. We are proud to be a competitive source for our customers in order to supply them with all the parts that they need including bearing and fasteners. In our efforts to stay competitive we have created a platform ASAP Fasteners in order to make ordering parts easy. If you are looking for parts simply request a quote online at asap-fasteners.com with the part numbers and quantity you are looking for. You can also send us an email at purchase@asap-fasteners.com or call us at +1-714-705-4780 and we will respond with a quote.

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Nitto Seiko CF Tight Self-Tapping Screw

Japanese Industrial Fastener Corporation Nitto Seiko based out of 20 Umegahata, Inokura-Cho, Ayabe, and Kyoto, Japan has announced they have developed a CF tight self-tapping screw which is used primarily for carbon fiber reinforced plates. This is great news for the automotive and aerospace industries due to the fact that they often use carbon fiber reinforced plates as a means to reduce car weight.

Carbon fiber reinforced plates or CRFRP are typically lined up in a fixed direction to achieve high strength while remaining light weight. This is an issue when common self-tapping screws for plastic is introduced to the equation due to the fact that the screws will disarrange and split/strip the fibers on the carbon fiber reinforced plates thereby destroying its appearance, reducing strength and preventing the screws from achieving stability.

Nitto Seiko Co. Ltd has announced that starting December 20, 2016, their “CF Tight” Self-tapping Screw will go on sale. Able to generate highly destructive torque, the CF Tight has a near triangle thread structure that restrains resistance during fastening to ease in fastening the screw. The special obtuse front threads are able to reduce disarranged fibers to shorten fastening times and prevent strength deterioration which will reduce costs overall.

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