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In 1879, the first CVT (Continuously variable transmission) was introduced and allowed for a more flexible system than the traditional mechanical transmission. As this design began to spread, many manufacturers began to develop vehicles utilizing the CVTs. It started first in a car, then motorcycles, then tractors, and finally aircrafts. This year we are met once again with technological advances that allows us to further improve the CVT. NSK Ltd, a global manufacturer of bearings, introduced a high-reliability low-torque ball bearing in 2011 during the month of July. Six years later, they have publicized their new and improved torque ball bearings which improve fuel efficiency and overall reliability. To match this new improvement, NSK has decided to name this new bearing.

“High-Reliability Low-Torque BELTOP 8 Bearings.”

There are two new improvements made to the previous 2011 model, which are: a round and smoothed groove shoulder for enhanced efficiency and a solid lubricant film that averts housing abrasion. This upgrade is similar to the upgrade of fasteners when Bryce Fastener Inc came up with the Skyfit Fastener. This fastener upgraded the traditional fastener as well, improving its reliability and upgrading its productivity. With the new design of the Skyfit Fastener, the installation process is much easier and quicker. Many parts existing in the market were old and were not as secure because they were available to the public. As these small applications are improved, we are looking towards a much more reliable and efficient way to build and design vehicles, whether they are motorcycles, cars, or aircrafts.

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schaeffler roller bearing

Schaeffler is introducing bearing with sensors integrated into the ring-shaped housing. The sensors give operators the ability to monitor equipment in variety of ways: Temperature, speed, vibration, and displacement. While the bearings are more costly than traditional ones, they make up cost in extending machine lifetime as well as uptime. Operators can monitor machine health and trends that a unit may be failing. There are many ways these sensors can be useful in increasing productivity and safety in a manufacturing environment.

It’s not uncommon for some bearings to spin thousands of revolutions per minute, twenty hours per day. A single bearing can also be the difference in an operational production line and a COO’s worst nightmare. Every minute a production line is off during operational hours can cost companies thousands. Now imagine the same bearing that failed the production line was a sensor bearing that measured heat and vibration. A responsible operator noticed bearing 34D had been steadily increasing its vibration signal and temperature for the past week. The operator replaced this bearing during downtime and production continued as scheduled. That is the ideal situation in which a sensor bearing is made for, and the extra cost was easily recouped by eliminating down time.

VarioSense bearings come in a wide range of size and voltage. They can handle temperatures below freezing, above 100 degrees celcius, and speeds up to 17,000 RPM. Aside from passively monitoring, they can also be used as controlling drives, such as limiting the amount of torque on a driveshaft. Feedback loops are extremely valuable to operators around dangerous equipment. A turbine fan in a storm may reach it’s maximum number of RPM’s and fail. A sensor bearing would apply the emergency brakes saving the turbine from destruction and possibly the lives of operators as well.

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Many imperial threads sizes that are now antiquated caused by changes in demand patterns from countries such as the USA who now drifting towards metric products. This increasing globalization of metric threaded fasteners does not necessarily mean that all variations are commonly available. The team at Challenge (Europe) Ltd are well use to this situation and carry extensive stocks of standard sizes of industrial screws plus a wide experience in supply of non-standard sizes, threads, lengths and materials. Kevin Moorcroft explained,

“We find that standard sizes of metric products have grown extensively. ISO standards now cover a whole range of products complimentary to old imperial sizes, as well as expanding on the original ranges of metric fasteners, e.g. metric socket head cap screws once only available in 12.9 grade are now offered under the ISO standard in 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 grades to suit a wider range of applications with varying requirements of tensile strength.”

However, head configuration can have an effect on the size of metric fastener that can be used. For example, if you use a M6 bolt with a hex head but find conventional spanner access limited, you could then use the recessed drives such as a hexagon (socket) or multiple splined variants. Another substitute is to go to a smaller diameter with an upgrade in material specification, although this may lack a greater deal of examination in order to avoid non-preferred diameters such as M7, M9, etc.

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On March 6th 2017 there was an article on Fastener World Inc that talks about how Yudensha, Co., Ltd and Kishiwada Steel Co., Ltd worked together in order to make a ground breaking surface treatment technology that prevents stainless steel bolt and nut seizures. This new technology will be available through the distribution network and Yura Sansho Co., Ltd. The article listed nine items about the new nuts. Here is what the article said.

  1. No sign of seizure after 8 times of seizure tests, or when fastening the M8 anti seizure nut with 110N m torque
  2. Heat resistance range of -50 degrees to 400 degrees Celsius
  3. Passed the JIS Z 2371 salt spray test.
  4. Galvanic corrosion might occur but doesn’t affect the ability to prevent seizure at all
  5. Coefficient of friction 0.38 under fixed axial force; 0.32 under fixed torque
  6. Axial force 5.0kN under fixed torque. Increasing axial force due to reduced coefficient of friction
  7. Substantial reduce bolt replacement
  8. Dry heat treatment meaning the anti seizure nut can be used immediately after treatment
  9. High coating adhesion meaning anti seizure nut can be used repeatedly.

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pros and cons of anchor fasteners
Fixings for any application is very important when it comes to safety, and there is a whole array of fixing systems to choose from. However, those with experience can choose quickly between chemical and mechanical anchors. Mechanical anchors can be split into two categories,expansion anchors and non-expansion anchors. Expansion anchors can be any of different types of anchors such as stud anchors, shield anchors, sleeve anchors and a bunch more.These anchors use the expansion method to hold any two pieces together. Unfortunately, expansion anchors have their cons because they can be limited to what type of material they are used in.

For example,if you use an expansion anchor in a brickwork or stonework then it might cause that material to crack or simply crush. In that case, non-expansion anchors can be a better alternative. Chemical anchors don’t have the complications a mechanical anchor has and can be very useful at closer edge and distances in material such as concrete, so for example you can create a small space between two materials and still create a very strong connection between the two. For example in concrete. Anchor Fasteners is a big industry and the demand for them is becoming much higher in all manufacturing industries.

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