Earlier this year Rivco LTD, based out of Kidderminster, England, unveiled their brand-new office for their local employees on Friday, June 16th. The new office, affectionally called Rivet House, creates a calmer more comforting vibe for each of the employees who call the workspace home.

Many people were present for the unveiling including managing director, Steve Auld and Johnathon Craven who currently resides as the general manager at Acronis Fastening Systems and Rings in nearby Telford. More notable guests were David Garner who is the sales manager for the UK and Ireland, customer service manager, Sarah Van Der Woning, and Lisa Masterson who is HSBG GTRF’s commercial manager.

Their increase in incoming business was what prompted the company’s choice to redo their preexisting Kidderminster office. Along with the revamped office space, the company also received newly branded workwear, a collection of company cars and an up to date IT system. These extra additions were added on to help their employees, located across three business and two physical offices function, not as separate entities, but as a cohesive team.

Rivco’s relationship with fastener brand, Arco Fastening Systems and Rings has been a long-lasting friendship. Rivco has been stocking HUCK branded tools and specialty fasteners for the last twenty years.

The presence of Johnathan Craven at Rivet Houses grand opening helped to solidify the friendship these two companies have forged over the past few decades. HUCK products are one of Rivcos best selling items and are a huge proponent of what keeps this friendship going.

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Well known fastener and tool manufacture, Senco has handed over the keys and complete ownership of its company to a new Japanese owner. The buyers of Senco are a well-known Japanese company named KYOCERA based out of Kyoto, Japan. The company’s plans are to expand with all the resources that SENCO has to offer. Senco is a prime resource for the Japanese company as it centers most of its marketing and their manufacturing based in the US and Europe. Although the complete owner ship has been handed over to the Japanese the name will remain attached reading: KYOCERA SENCO.

Sencos name has been in the industry from the 1948 and has been a leading supplier and manufacture of fasteners parts and power tools around the globe. Senco can be found in 40 different countries around the world.

KYOCERA has been in the industry more over 40 years but was not always a power tool company. They originally began as a ceramic company when they started in the year in 1959 and gradually began its journey to more powerful products. In the year 1970 the Japanese company began procuring industrial tools which involve applications of different industries such as aerospace parts, medical, woodworking etc.

Prior to the purchase of the American company, KYOCERA purchased another power tool company in the year 2011 from Europe. The European company Unimerco Group became a great addition in a similar way that SENCO has provided all their resources to help expand Kyocera. The addition of the European company created a new subsidiary called KYOCERA UNIMERCO. Unimerco will be able to provide its prolific product line to work hand in hand with Senco. Kyoceras ultimate goal is to become more profitable with it purchasing of the two new companies. The Japanese company has estimated to increase their numbers by 361million US dollars by March 2021.

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Dimac’s MCV1 model

Inspections in aerospace are a must with precise requirements to exceed, especially for rivets and fasteners which are the base of every project. Thousands of various part numbers are used by both commercial and military aircraft for outstanding and pivotal applications such as engine, brake assemblies and leading airframes.

The world’s aerospace and defense prime contractor have high standards and only a small number of companies quality to meet them. Air Industries Company got in touch with Dimac SRL to provide with state of the art testing equipment since AIC is one of the companies that meet the requirements. Mario Brumini, Dimac’s after sales technician explains that when Air Industries Company came to them, they needed to inspect  every aircraft rivet  for dimensional acceptances, and in the end the final inspection.

Dimac’s and Aic’s goal is to offer the highest benefits in terms of trustworthiness and accuracy. Masso,p Agrati said "It was an exciting challenge to prove the excellence of our automated machinery in the USA – for one of the strictest supply chains. One of our specialties is that we are always happy to take up the challenge.”

Dimac’s MCV1 model was the answer. It is an automatic machine for complete inspection and categorization with a special function of detecting the tiniest chock and geometry imperfections on AIC’s rivets.

Mario Brumini explained how the new software developed is able to define the segment of the thread in order to inspect it by dragging and releasing a window around it. By defying a value for +Tol and -Tol, the operator is able to change the size of the envelop tolerance band.

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B & F Fasteners
Increasing numbers calls for growth and capitalization. B&F has meet prime numbers in their past couple of years that has allowed them to outgrow their facility. Starting from a staff as low as 5 employees raking in a local sales number of an approximate $1 million US. The expansion did not stop there as the number of employees grew to 13 and sales rose to approximate $5million.

In order for B&F to keep expanding the B&F and associates have taken the step to move to a larger facility near their already existing facility in St Augusta, MN.  This newly awaited facility is expected to be a 20,000 ft2 building that would fit a larger scale of manufacturing for all their requested orders. One of the determining factors that gave B&F the confidence to be able to expand was their capability of nearly doubling their entire sales in a matter of a four-year gap. The company has been fortuned to expand at a steady rate to be able to hit an approximate $34 million in 2016.

B&F Official, Kevin Baltes has stated that the company is expected to be up and running into the new facility by January of the following year.
B&F has been able to capitalize on the industrial-grade bolts and fasteners market along with other custom printed parts. Officials at B&F believe that their new location is a prime location due to the sole purpose of having lots of business and the amount of manufacturing being done in the central part of Minnesota.

To date the fastening company is still held private and family owned. With 15 facilities nationwide B&F continues to grow with facilities in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.

ASAP Fasteners is a prime distributor for fasteners and other similar rotables. Having a wide variety of fasteners in our stock allows us to be a top competitor in the industry. All of ASAP Fasteners have been tested and placed under warranty to ensure every order. Our many warehouses across the US allows ASAP for very easy expedite of our orders any where across the globe. For a better look  the products ASAP is able to provide visit . For instant RFQs email| or call +1 714 705 4780. 

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Today we have many new advancements in bearing parts that are helping to improve the performance and life of bearings.Sour gas compressor bearings, which use three advanced materials:Silicon nitride, which is used in rolling elements; stainless steel, for use in bearing rings; and PEEK (polyetheretherketone), a high temperature plastic that can be used to create bearing cages. The use of these three materials are prolonging the life of the bearings, lasting over 10 times longer than their predecessors.

While they are more expensive upfront, over the long term they help save money. “Everybody likes a bargain, but it is often worth paying more in the short term in order to reap long-term benefits,” Kahlman said. “How many times have we gone for a cheaper option – and bemoaned the ‘false economy’ later? Says Lars Kahlman, senior application expert at SKF.

Using the ceramic material, silicon nitride (Si3N4) and conventional metal together are allowing both higher speeds and better electrical insulation. These bearings being “greased for life”, can also be used to fix an already poorly performing bearing. Because they can run at high speeds and with electrical properties, it makes them exceptionally helpful in variable speeds.

When choosing bearing parts in the past we have struggled between corrosion resistance and fatigue performance. Now with using super-tough stainless steel in hybrid bearing rings you get the best of both worlds. A long-lasting bearing ring that fights fatigue performance and corrosion at the same time.You may think replacing metal with plastic, PEEK, may seem like a poor judgement call, but it gives many benefits and even some advantages over metal. PEEK is light weight, easily mass produced in injection molding, performs well at a high temperature and is also strong and ridged with excellent creep resistance. In addition, it resists radiation and a large range of solvents.

Without companies such as, ASAP Semiconductor, there would not be such a readily available market helping to bring these new and innovative materials around the globe. The more availability will not only bring down material fabrication costs, but also help boost the aerospace industry into the future.

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