Zinc head screws

Triangle Fastener Corporation- one of the top fastener manufacturers, has recently released a new line of anti-rust Zinc head screws. Their zinc composition delay corrosion that would otherwise generate faster from screws made out of steel. Triangle Fastener has engineered all their products to outperform competitors in the industry.

To ensure this, TFC inspects each product every step of the way as a form of quality control. This new line of zing cap screws went through the same process. Every part of the screw is designed with a purpose. This includes the ZAMAX-5 Zinc Alloy Head that provides enduring strength. The shank composed of carbon steel is treated with Tri-Seal 1,000 hrs salt spray. The sealant improves the corrosion resistance of the screws by up to 20x more in comparison to zinc plated screws that typically hold a shorter lifespan.

The screw also comes with a EPDM sealing washer. It is an integral part of the screw due to the degree of corrosion protection that it provides. The washer undergoes exceptional weathering capabilities. These screws are manufactured for versatility. The varying sizes include #12 and ¼” diameters in Blazer-3 and Blazer-5 drill points and reach up to 4” In length.  To support back-out resistance, the 1/4” Blazer- 1 Lap and #17 Type AB screws come with the patented VRT Technology common to all Triangle Fastener Corporation screws. This rubber adds reinforcement that other fasteners lack.

The features and benefits of these screws meet the high standards set by TFC. TFC provides fasteners for the commercial industry. These screws have a wide range of usage, from roof systems to aviation needs- these screws function is whatever condition they are placed in.

ASAP Fasteners distributes fasteners, connectors, and electronic components. These range from top manufacturers in the market including Alcoa and Boeing. ASAP Fasteners is able to supply quality parts through a controlled purchasing process in which items are guaranteed to meet customer needs and surpass customer satisfaction. Representatives at ASAP Fasteners simplify the process of buying any available hardware part through instant quoting, competitive prices, flexibility with shipping, and providing a warranty for the parts. It in a one-stop solution for any buyer looking to purchase from a reliable source. A representative can be reached at 1-714-705-4780, sales@asap-fasteners.com.

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ZAZ Bearings

Bearing.com has released an article on June 6th 2016 talks about how ZWZ is working on creating six different bearings from their crystalline silicon slicing machine. These bearings will be used as import substitutes for one of their domestic customer. This has been delivered and put into good use.There has been more news stating that this specific customer has also placed another order with ZWZ for more multi standard bearings. With this being said, ZWZ is in production for these parts now.

It was this past May in 2015, a Jiangsu based company signed an agreement with ZWZ for the size different bearings for the crystalline silicon slicing machine spindle. The Jiangsu based company is also known as a technology company. The Jiangsu based company also deals with making polysilicon ingots as well as multicrystalline wafers that include crystalline silicon slicing machines. This machine is considered a key role in the production equipment that can possibly be used to import bearings.

There has been a recent spike in high demand for polysilicon products which could be due to how lucrative the photovoltaic industry has become. The country that is taking charge of the solar industrialization dealing specifically with high efficiency and low cost crystalline silicon is China.

ZWZ Bearings was established in 1938 in Wafangdian, Dalian in China. The company designed and manufactured its very first industrial bearing in 1949. The company went on to make their first automotive bearing in 1954. In 2013, the company expanded into different regions of China, specifically building factories in Liaoyang and Changshu.

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Bombardier Gets Comfortable With New Cabin Door Addition to Lear 75

Bombardier is introducing a new pocket door to its Learjet 75 light jet for a more comfortable and enjoyable flight. With the addition of the new door bulk head it will separate the cockpit from the gallery, decreasing the noise in the cabin by approximately 6-8 decibels ; which are used to measure intensity of sound. The first plane to Exhibit the new Cabin door was on display at the EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) show; held in Geneva, Switzerland.

The goal for this new innovation is to give smaller light jets a larger feel as if they are larger more luxurious cabins.  To date, Bombardier’s Booth Z115 has yet to given a set price and are willing to negotiate due to the different size cabins upon request. It will be offered to both 6 seaters and 8 seater aircrafts. Bombardier takes pride in competing while still being luxurious and providing its passengers with comfortability.

“The Learjet 75 business jet is already valued for its comfortable interior and its ability to fly further and faster than its nearest competitor,”

said Bombardier Business Aircraft president David Coleal.

Although the pocket door removes the ability to recline on the seats facing the rear, they are allowed to be pulled forward for a slight recline. When it comes to luxury, Bombardier provides each passenger with their own USB outlet and group of sidewall speakers creating a surround sound effect.  Including a seven-inch pop-up screen installed with a media center granting access to music and movies for a more comfortable and enjoying flight to passengers. The cockpit will remain as the Gramin G5000 Avionic in the Lear 75 to keep it light.

This year in Geneva, Bombardier will be showing off their 350 and 650 challenger models also a couple of Global 6000 The bombardier is choosing to enhance their Lear 70 / 75 family with this latest innovation of the bulk head cockpit.  For more information on Bombardier aircrafts and parts please visit us at www.asap-fasteners.com for instant RFQ 24/7, 365 or give us a call at 1-714-705-4780 or email us at sales@asap-fasteners.com.

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American Airlines business class seat

American Airlines, the major American airline headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, has recently announced that the airlines will be utilizing a new design on its long haul business class cabin. The seats in the newly designed cabins will be built by B/E Aerospace, the Wellington, Florida-based company. These new seats will be equipped in the Airbus A350 as well as the Boeing 787 Dreamliners which American Airlines has on order. B/E Aerospace’s new seats will also be installed on a handful of retrofitted Boeing 777-200s.

“American’s new business cabin design follows closely in step with recent innovation in the global space. Each business class seat will recline into a fully flat position instead of the angled-lie flat design popular in the 1990s — a dated configuration still installed in many of American’s legacy international fleet,”

said Grant Martin from Forbes.

“In addition to better sleeping space, each seat in this so-called “Super Diamond” configuration will also have aisle access, improving on earlier generations with three or even four seats across in business class.”

American Airlines’ decision to collaborate with B/E Aerospace marks a significant change in design path strategy, as the airlines has recently been working with the French aerospace company, Zodiac Aerospace, on cabin design for new orders as well as equipment retrofits. However, due to several delays in product delivery, American Airlines has recently made the decision to end that relationship with Zodiac Aerospace in order to pursue a new cabin design partner. The airlines ultimately decided that B/E Aerospace would be the right fit, as the company commonly works with Emirates, British Airways, as well as Cathay Pacific.

“When passengers will be able to actually enjoy the new business class seats depends on when American gets its aircraft deliveries.  Last year, American delayed the delivery of five of its 787 aircraft in order to “better match supply with passenger demand,” opting to receive four of its units in 2017 over 2016,” Martin added. “From this year through 2018, the airline expects to receive an additional 27 aircraft. Additionally, American expects to receive 22 Airbus A350s in 2017. 777-200 retrofits, on the other hand, are ongoing, though American hasn’t released details on when the cutover to the new B/E seats will begin.

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wedge lock nut

A new wedge lock nut has been announced as part of TR Fastening LTD’s expanding line of bolt fasteners parts. The single piece delivers technology usually provided by two components – a washer for locking and flanged nut that is easy to use.

The Design

The two pieces come preassembled in this new bolt in an innovative way that helps provide extra security by increasing tension instead of friction between the two parts. The inside of the washer has wedge shaped cams that react to any vibrations in the joint by stirring.

The outside of the nut has radial teeth on its outer part that increase compressing force by embedding the teeth into surfaces when tightened. The design of the nut also enables it to self-lock, as the fastening force of the joint increases due to the greater difference in the height of the cams than the area of the screw thread. The two pieces become permanently secure into the precise arrangement it was intended for, merging them to become one. This removes the risk of improper use that is more likely to occur with two individual pieces and it also reduces the time it takes to assemble the joint.

A key element of the design is the wedge lock nut’s ability to fit in hard to reach places, and it can also be reused without losing intended purpose. Overall, TR Fastening has made bolt security easier with the impressive design that provides a reliable source of safety and cost-effectiveness.

Asap Fasteners provides a reliable and efficient purchasing solution for customers looking to buy top bearing, fastener, and connector parts. ASAP Fasteners is the world’s first supplier entirely dedicated to delivering fasteners in order to meet the needs of engineering professionals. It was developed to surpass any competitor in the market in providing quality parts and exceeding customer satisfaction. A representative will provide a quote within minutes, same day shipping, competitive prices, and a warrantee. To reach a representative call 1-714-705-4780 or email sales@asap-fasteners.com.

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